Our Events

Annual Dinner – Held in Spring

Contact Mary Doherty at (845) 895-2515 for details.

Memorial Stone

Contact Mary Bradley at (845) 561-2837 or meb0120@aol.com for details.

Held at our convenience.

This is open to members only.

Annual Picnic – Held in September

Our annual family picnic will be held this year on September 9th.  For more information, contact Mary Doherty at (845) 895-2515 – mary6143@hvc.rr.com – Mary Bradley (845) 561-2837 – meb0120@aol.com

National Children’s Memorial Day

Held in December. Contact either Mary Doherty at (845) 895-2515 – mary6143@hvc.rr.com or Mary Bradley at (845) 561-2837 – meb0120@aol.com for details.

Among bereaved families, perhaps the most anticipated event each year, is the Compassionate Friends worldwide candle lighting service.

It was first introduced in 1997 and is believed to be the worlds largest mass candle lighting, with hundreds of thousands participating around the globe. The lighting of these candles creates a virtual wave of light that encircles the globe as the clock strikes 7 p.m., in different zones beginning with New Zealand. Our candle lighting service will be held on Sunday, December  9th, at 2 p.m, at the Holy Name of Mary Church located on Route 211 in Montgomery, NY. Family members and friends are welcome.

This is a non-denominational service where all faiths are welcome.

Holiday Family – Held in December

Contact Gina Dudgeon at 845-469-5702 or ginadudgeon@optonline.com for details.